How to Get Shiny Ballroom Dancesport Hair

Recently a customer asked me if I had any products for helping her get that wet and highly glossed look that is so predominantly seen in ballroom competition hairstyles.  While I don’t sell any particular products for hair, I do have some recommendations and some tips on how to achieve that beautiful look.

Hair and makeup for the lady in ballroom dance competitions are just as important as their ballroom dance dresses.  Updos and slicked back buns in ballroom dancing competitions are not only traditional, but also very practical because the hair is not flying around in their face or in their partner’s face.  The judges also prefer to see a competitor’s hair away from the face, smooth and confined, allowing them a view of a nice neck line (which is in high regard in dancesport).

Professional hair and makeup vendors attend most of the larger competition events, but even so, I know of many competitors who prefer to do their own make up and hair.  An elegant chignon or french twist are examples of simple hairstyles for ballroom competitions, and some that you can do yourself.  The goal is to have your hair neat and slick, with no loose, wispy strands.

Simple Chignon Hairstyle for Ballroom DancesportA secure chignon starts with freshly washed and conditioned damp hair and a ponytail. Work a light layer of gel into the length of your hair before you begin, and spray lightly as you go along. Using a fine brush and old fashioned aerosol-hairspray, brush and spray, brush and spray, smoothing down all the strands as you go.  Add in extra gel as needed to keep hair confined.  With the hair secure in a low ponytail (use several tiny rubber bands from a beauty supply), begin turning the ends either under for the chignon, or wrap to one side for the twist.  Add a rhinestone ponytail holder or barrette for pizzazz.  You can twist in sections to secure the ends if not all your hair is the same length. Use crossed bobbie pins wherever possible and plan to use as many as two dozen pins on one hairstyle.  As the gel sets, give your hair one or two more light coats of spray and lightly blow dry to set the spray (this also had a ton of shine).   I find  Frizz-Ease® 100% Shine® Glossing Mist or a similar product helps to ensure a smooth finish and beautiful shine.  And there you have it – Beautiful and shiny Dancesport hair!

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