Learn to Dance Rumba for Valentine’s Day

The Rumba is considered the “dance of love”, and involves passion and sensuality existing between two dancers.  With sharp sexy movements, this Latin dance incorporates “Cuban motion”, an expressive movement achieved with a combined effort using a figure eight hip motion and a bending and straightening of the legs with weight changes from foot to foot.

It’s rhythmic roots originated in Africa and found its way to Cuba.  Rumba music has a slow, 4/4 timing that has become one of the most popular dances in America after coming to the states in the 1920s.

Latin dancewear for ladies is unique in design and colors.  You want to choose something with a fitted bodice to enhance the lines of your body movements.  Adding details to a dress like fringe, ruffles, or flounces enriches the look of sexy cuban motion.  Men typically wear  simple black dance pants with or without a satin sideseams, but Men’s Latin shirts are infinitely as varied and interesting according to each man’s unique preferences -including lace, satin, sequins, or even sheer fabrics.

As the “Love” holiday approaches, we encourage you to spend this Valentine’s Day with us learning the popular Rumba dance.  It will be a great evening for you and your date, or for all the singles to enjoy this holiday together, dancing!   For more information call Dancemasters Studio at 214-553-5188.

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Spicy Men’s Latin Ballroom Dancewear

Whether you are a Competitive Dancer or just love performing or dancing socially, Tango Rouge Ballroom Dancewear help thousands of dancers each year prepare for their annual dancing events.

Toss aside those boring shirts and invest in some spicy men’s dance shirMen's White Latin Shirtts that will have all the ladies looking your way.  Fabricated with a fitted stretch fabric, this versatile Latin shirt is available in both white and black – MT48two great looks, one great design!

For the smooth dance numbers, long sleeve men’s dance shirts with a unique design add lots more appeal than that basic black shirt that you may have been wearing awhile.  If lace is not your thing, add a satin lapel or cuffs for a chic and sophisticated look.  And remember, all items are available in custom colors or fabric which can made to fit you perfectly!

Don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook to receive news of our great promotions and latest products.

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Planning for Your Dance Showcase Routine

Preparing for a dance showcase routine is one of the most exciting parts of Ballroom dancing. Here are some tips in preparing for your performance:

*Plan ahead, making sure there is enough time to have 20-25 lessons before your performance to allow enough time to learn choreography and work on styling to enhance your performance.  Beginner dancers may require a little more time to fully prepare.

*Decide on what style of dance you want to perform.  If you have a professional partner they can choreograph a dance routine for you and your dance partner.  There are so many options in dance style for your performance routine from smooth, rhythm, swing, country western, or even a medley of styles!

*Choosing the music is a key element in creating the mood, or the message that your routine will share with the audience.  It is important you discuss this with your instructor to ensure the song will be appropriate for the dance you have chosen.

*Choosing a costume, whether it be rhythm, smooth, or novelty, will be something you will want to consider after selecting a song.  Some costumes require 4-6 weeks if you are having one customized.  Tango Rouge Ballroom Dancewear has in-stock and custom-made costumes for all body shapes and dance styles.

*Using your time wisely and practicing at least once a week without your partner will not only increase your performance but will also help with balance and muscle memory.  Some studios will allow students to practice individually for a small floor fee outside of busy times.

Dancemasters Studio has just announced it’s 2nd Annual Spring Showcase on May 9, 2014.  It’s the perfect time to start preparing your showcase routine!  For registration and more information contact 214-553-5188 for performing in Dallas.

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Find Your Dance Spirit at Dancemasters Studio Dallas

Spirit of DanceDancing is more than executing steps and patterns.  Some people dance because they believe that dancing is a great exercise.  Others see dancing as a great mental exercise that is proven to improve brain function, and even slow down the onset dementia or Alzheimer’s.  Many dancers who begin dancing socially find that it becomes a source for making great friends and belonging to a wonderful community of people who enjoy a common interest.  Whatever reason it is that you dance, dancing is a very passionate activity which engages all your senses, and often brings out feelings and emotions from within that are unexplainable and very personal. All dancers at some point have experienced the passion of losing themselves in the music and in the moment.  Many dancers say they forget the world while they are dancing.

If you would like to have the opportunity to experience some of these feelings, it’s never too late to learn to dance.  At Dancemasters Studio, we work closely with students of all ages in teaching our love of ballroom dancing so that they too can experience those surreal moments.  If you want to explore your passion for dance, don’t wait another day to begin.

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Ballroom Inspiration with Victor Fung and Anastasia Muravyeva

The staff at Tango Rouge Ballroom Dancewear recently had the chance to see Victor Fung and Anastasia Muravyeva perform live at the 21st Annual Black & White Ball held in Dallas.  This magnificent ballroom couple captured the hearts of all those in attendance, and gave an exquisite demonstration of excellence in ballroom dance.

First of all, we’d like to say how amazing it was to watch this couple perform live.  Their technique and presentation were absolutely stunning.  They created a magical presence with their dancing, costuming and most importantly their passion executing the various dances, including Foxtrot, Quickstep, and Tango.  Not only was their dancing inspiring and thrilling, but seeing the magnificent costumes in person was such a treat.   There were costume changes with every performance, and each and every one of Anastasia’s ballroom gowns were brilliantly designed, and flowed so beautifully with the couple’s elegant movements across the floor.  The gowns were detailed with intrigue designs that were customizable down to the very Swarovski crystal bracelet size.

We were so inspired by their costumes, and we would love to help you with your inspiration dream dress.  Tango Rouge Ballroom Dancewear can make your dance performances unique and one of a kind with costumes and accessories for both men and women.  Follow us on Twitter @TRBallroomWear or visit our website for more information.

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Your Little Black Ballroom Dress

We all have that one dress that is our go-to little black dress.  It’s comfortable, the fabric feels and msd250oves great, it can be dressed up or dressed down, and it goes with almost any of our shoes.  Most importantly we feel and look fabulous when we wear it.

This knee length, one-shoulder, fit and flare dress comes SD143with an adjustable pull on the left side that allows for you to determine the length and best ruched look for you.  It is made in black with a red or a white accent ruffle down the side and around the hemline.  This dress is great for a Latin show costume, social dancing, or cocktail event.  The sizing is great for all shapes and is available in small, medium and large.

You can never have too many little black dresses, whether you are ballroom dancing, out on a date, or enjoying cocktail hour with friends.  Visit TangoRougeBallroomDancewear.com to get your new go-to dress!

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Custom Ballroom Dance Dresses

Custom Ballroom Dance Dresses

Have you seen a dress you absolutely love & maybe your size isn’t available or you want it in a different color?! Tango Rouge Ballroom Dancewear is here to make that dress you have dreamed about come alive!

Visit our website at http://www.tangorougeballroomdancewear.com or call us at 469-877-6503 for your consultation!

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Why I Love High Heeled Dance Shoes

Ballroom and Latin Dancing lends itself to all sorts of variations in both dance costumes and in dance shoes.  If you have ever watched the hit show “Dancing With The Stars”, you have a good idea of some of the different looks and styles the dancers wear.  Just as the costumes vary according to the style of the dance, there are slight variations between ladies latin dance shoes and ladies ballroom dance shoes.

Ladies Latin Dance ShoesCharacteristic of the latin dances such as cha-cha, samba, rumba, or jive, the lady wears a latin dance shoe that is open toed, much like a high heeled sandal.   High heeled dance shoes are usually 3-3  1/2″  high, and give the lady an extended leg line, which enhances the beauty of the latin dances.  The female professional dancers you see on “Dancing With the Stars” are most always dancing in 3 or 3 1/2″ heels, such as Chelsea Hightower wore in her many appearances on the show. But Chelsea and all the other dancers on the show are professionals, and have years and years of training, and know how to dance flawlessly in those high heeled shoes.   Many amateur dancers find it much more comfortable to dance in a heel that is 2-2 1/2″, and still achieve a fine leg line.

There are many benefits to dancing, but one of the most fun things about dancing is you Latin Dance Shoesget to dance in those gorgeous latin dance shoes.  You can find them with T-straps, Cross Straps, Ankle straps, rhinestone bedazzled, and a rainbow of colors and styles.  A lady can never have too many shoes, and dance shoes are no exception.  Pick out your favorite new style today, and have a great time dancing in your new sexy latin dance shoes!

Contact us if you have any questions relating to size or fit.  We are here to help you!

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Fringed Dance Pants Spruce Up Dance Wardrobe

With the First day of Fall rapidly approaching, we can look forward to some cooler Fringed Dance Pants and Toptemperatures and the opportunity to pull out our fall wardrobes.  Although ballroom dancewear doesn’t necessary change according to the seasons, it’s still fun to add something new to your existing dance wardrobe.  If you are wanting to welcome some new dancewear or spruce up your dance apparel, we think these fringe dance pants are just the perfect way to do it.  They create a sizzle on the dance floor, and look especially spectacular with spins and turns.

Remember we also produce custom made dancewear, including fringed pants or skirts in various colors as well!  You will be the talk of the dance floor just like our satisfied customer, Val R. from California:

“The outfit you made for me was FANTASTIC!!!!! It fit perfectly, worked perfectly for my routine and I got soooooo many compliments.  I was told that I started a trend after wearing the black fringe pants I ordered from you.  And, after wearing this custom blue outfit I’m still hearing about how magnificent it was….all thanks to you.  I appreciate what you did for me and will always return to you for any future costumes.”   -Val R.

CustomCostumesContact us today for any questions at 469-877-6503!  Be sure to like us on Facebook to catch all our sales and promotions!

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Season 17 DWTS Only One Week Away

ImageThere is only one week until the premiere of Season 17 of “Dancing With The Stars”!   Another season of drama, beautiful ballroom dance costumes, new music selections, brilliant choreography and dance routines, and the dreaded eliminations.  As we anticipate this new season of dancing celebrities,  which couple stands out in your mind as the one with the most potential to win?   We want to hear your guess for the Mirror Ball Trophy winner!  Mirror Ball

Submit your entries this week via our Facebook Page or our Twitter page before the first show begins on Monday, September 16.  Then, at the end of the season when the winner of the Mirror Ball Trophy Season 17 is announced- we will award any of the correct guesses with a 25% off coupon to our online ballroom dancewear store, Tango Rouge Ballroom Dancewear.  It is FREE to participate in this contest, and when you do, you could come away a winner!!  Start your guesses now.  Only one guess per person so make it count!  Who doesn’t love a contest and a chance to get discounted dance apparel for yourself or as a gift!?

Winners will be announced on our Facebook and Twitter pages at the end Season 17 DWTS.  Good luck to all the SEASON 17 DWTS contestants, and to all of you participating in this contest!

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